Sound Off: Leadership Ottawa County expresses gratitude to local businesses

May 21, 2024 | Sound Off | 0 comments

To the Editor,

To the businesses that hosted Leadership Ottawa County: Thank you for your generosity in opening your doors to the Leadership Ottawa County Class of 2024. You helped not only to educate us about your business but also showed us some great leadership skills.

We were fortunate enough to visit over 40 locations in Ottawa County. Although each place we visited varied in entity, the one thing we noticed that was consistent was the true passion you have for our community and the work that you do.

Additionally, a common factor we found is, while every business deals with its own specific business obstacles, all have similar struggles in obtaining personnel and finding funding. But each business continues to climb through due to their passion, optimistic determination, and perseverance – AND IT SHOWS!

Historically, Leadership Ottawa County chooses a project that will make an impact in our community. There are so many needs in our county. We had a lot of great ideas from class members as we networked together, and it was hard to pick just one.

Ultimately, we decided this year’s project would be to support Ottawa County Community Days. Community Days is an exciting day filled with a wealth of resources from the local area. It also includes family-friendly activities, games and crafts. For this, we held a raffle for a cash prize, and the proceeds were donated to Ottawa County Community Days to help offset their costs of hosting this free-to-the-public event. We were successful in raising $2000 to donate to the event.

As our class ends, we have been able to reflect and know that we have built bonds with not only one another but also within our community through each of you. We are truly excited to further expand our leadership roles to continue providing support to our community not only in our business but our personal lives as well.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you — Catawba Island Historical Museum, Miller Ferry, Put-in-Bay Schools, Put-in-Bay Library, Mother of Sorrows Church, St. Paul’s Church, Put-in-Bay EMS, Put-in-Bay Chamber, Genoa Schools, Schedel Gardens, Moore Orchards, Genoa Veterans Park, Rayz, Ottawa County Transportation Agency, Republic Landfill, Civilian Marksmanship Program, LogistiQ, Brick House, Ottawa County Courthouse, Ottawa County Commissioners, 911 Dispatch, Regional Airport, Shores & Islands Visitor Center, Twin Oast, Oak Harbor Schools, Davis Besse, Materion, Ottawa County Senior Resources, Riverview Health Care Campus, Bistro 163, Ottawa County Health Department, Ottawa County Family Advocacy, Ottawa County Department of Job & Family Services, Ottawa County Community Improvement Corporation, Ottawa County Skilled Trades Academy, Port Clinton Schools, Ottawa County Regional Water Facility, Joyful Connections, US Gypsum, Magruder Hospital, Danbury Schools, Lakeside, US Coast Guard, Marblehead Lighthouse, and JJ’s Table.

Leadership Ottawa County Class of 2024 —Cecily Brown, Christopher Malanowski, Kellie Burks, Maggie Hummel, Rick Rudolph, Nicole Forman, Kami Sayre, Matthew Shook, Jannah Wilson, Jessica Worley, Mark Burkholder, Heather Deibel, and Michele Mueller – Director

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