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Letter to the Editor:

In honor of National Doctor’s Day on Wednesday, March 30, I would like to celebrate and recognize the outstanding physicians who are part of our Magruder Hospital team. Our doctors accept a great responsibility in providing care for our community and have a tremendous impact on the lives of the patients and families they treat.

Being a physician is a daunting task. Doctors never really stop working. They do not have the luxury of punching out at the end of the day; rather they are routinely asked to be available at all hours of the day or night no matter what is going on in their personal life.

The human element to practicing medicine makes being a doctor one of the most challenging, rewarding and important professions in the world. Being a physician is a passion and a calling to help people, to care for people and to heal people.

Please join me in saying “Thank You” to our amazing medical staff at Magruder Hospital and all the doctors who care for our area communities. Thank you for using your talents to make the world around you healthier.

Thank you for being a source of compassion and caring for your patients.  Thank you for your extraordinary contributions to this community.  We are proud you are a part of our team and thank you for guiding us through our mission of Improving Lives Together.

With gratitude,
President & CEO Nick Marsico
Magruder Hospital

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