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Sep 14, 2022 | Sound Off | 0 comments

To the Editor:

The Humane Society of Ottawa County would like to thank Dawn and Jim Dubbert of Dubbert’s Professional Outdrive Services and Andy Schlotterer of Bayside Comfort for hosting our dog washes. Besides hosting our dog washes  these two businesses support our shelter year-round with their financial contributions, professional services and community support.

We could not have a dog wash without our volunteers. Many thanks to Joyce Frederick, Will and Hannah Clymer, Olivia Wetzel, Andrea Kumero, Debbie Zollos and Candy Shealy. For getting the word out to our Beacon readers, thank you

D’Arcy Egan. And lastly, thank you to all those families who brought their four-legged furry family members for a bath.

Your  contributions go directly to the care of our many cats and dogs.

For the Board of Directors,
Mary Anne Koebel

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