Sound Off – Salvation Army: ‘The world is changed by your example’

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To the Editor,

It is this time of year that I, with an overflowing heart, report on the success of The Salvation Army – Port Clinton Service Center’s 2021 Holiday Season Programs. Each day, as we hear in the media and news in our own Community, there are events happening that have a way of putting life’s perspectives in order.

Words cannot describe the pride and admiration I feel living in Ottawa County when I am blessed to have the opportunity to recount numerous interactions I have with, both those in need, and those who donate. It is because of the caring and generous residents in our County that I am able to report that, we have surpassed our $69,000 Red Kettle Goal, by raising an unbelievable amount of $85,975!

We have also exceeded our giving capacity in so many extra ways! Besides the $85,975 we raised in the Red Kettles, the countless toys, bikes, coats, hats, gloves, socks, boots, pajamas, and mittens that were donated this year, have surpassed previous years.

If not for our 282 volunteers and their 1,956 hours of bell ringing, collecting, sorting, and distributing toys, our Red Kettle sites — Walmart, Kroger’s, Friendship Food Store, Millers Market in Genoa and Community Market in Oak Harbor — this would not have been possible. We also were able to distribute over 3,200 toys to over 780 children along with over 1,000 hats, gloves, mittens, pajamas, coats, socks and finally, raise $14,473 at our 18th Annual Tree A Rama Charity Auction.

This success is made possible by the multitude of volunteers and community supporters in Ottawa County that come together, during this Season, this short period of 40 days, by putting others first and “Make a Difference” in our Community and ultimately in our World.

Remember: “The World is changed by your Example, not by Your Opinion!”

It is, indubitably, an honor to be able to say I work and live in Ottawa County and am able to serve those in need through The Salvation Army Port Clinton Service Center. I am truly blessed. (and tired!)

Maureen M. Saponari, Director
The Salvation Army – Port Clinton Service Center

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