Sound Off: Thanks from the Port Clinton Artists’ Club

Aug 31, 2022 | Sound Off | 0 comments

To the Editor:

It was a pleasure to hold the Port Clinton Artists’ Club’s 64th annual Arts in the Park festival fundraiser this year at beautiful Lakeview Park on Aug. 6-7 in Port Clinton.

Many thanks to Tracy Colston, Port Clinton City Safety Service Director and Sandye Ostheimer, administrative assistant. They were always ready and willing to assist with logistics to help make our show successful.

Thanks to Brian Cleaver of Overkill Golf Carts/Jerry Auto Repair, who loaned us two golf carts for the weekend. It was a tremendous help for members and vendors. Thank you.

The Port Clinton Artists’ Club would like to express our gratitude for The Beacon’s timely coverage of Arts in the Park.  Special thanks to D’Arcy Egan for taking pictures of the award winners, and sharing in The Beacon.  Getting information to show goers impacts our show’s success, and we are grateful for their ongoing support.

We are especially proud of the economic impact we have in Port Clinton and Ottawa County. Thousands of people attend Arts in the Park, using local accommodations and eating at our great restaurants, making it a win-win situation for our visitors, artist vendors and the Club.

As always, we thank our volunteers – all members of the PCAC – for their dedication and hard work year after years. Thanks to the combined efforts of all these factors we had another successful Arts in the Park. Please remember Arts in the Park when you vote for the Best of the Best in the Beacon – online only, and we’ll see you at Arts in the Park, our 65th Annual show, next year on Aug. 5-6, 2023.

 Sincere thanks, Joan Patthoff, 2022 Show Director, Arts in the Park

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