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Aug 5, 2020 | Sound Off | 0 comments

To the Editor:

There were many people who helped make our Incredible Rubber Duck Race a success last Saturday night. The race was made possible through the full support of Mayor Mike Snider and Fire Chief Kent Johnson and his crew. Duck sales and publicity were a result of the work of Mary’s Blossom Shop, Sutton Center, Port Clinton Chamber of Commerce, Beacon Editor D’Arcy Egan, and members of United Way in Ottawa County Advisory Board.

Additionally, we were supported by our event sponsors: WPCR Radio, Bill’s Irrigation, Catawba Mini & Heated Boat Storage, The Snyder Families, Great Lakes Community Action Partnership, Keller Williams, Nature’s View Landscaping, Northern Manufacturing and Shortridge Landscaping and Excavation. And we are deeply grateful for all the people who bought a total of 1,284 ducks. This was all possible because of all of you.

Money raised by and for United Way in Ottawa

County stays in Ottawa County, and the nearly $17,000 raised will benefit the residents of the county served by our great UWOC partners. Thank you all so much!

April Schalk, UWOC Office Manager
Jessica Singerling, UWOC, Manager of Donor Relations
Ed Carlson, UWOC Advisory Board Chairman

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