Sound Off: What is Memorial Day really all about?

Jun 2, 2021 | Sound Off | 0 comments

Letter to the Editor:

As a 30 year U.S. Army veteran, I can tell you plainly that Memorial Day is not about my service or any other military veteran who did not die in the service to our great country. It is one day set aside to honor and remember the few who give it all so that we can live as we do.

Do not water down the terrible cost laid at the feet of their families and friends by talking about your father or uncle who served. That is for Veterans Day. While I appreciate the service of doctors and nurses who died in this Covid-19 crisis, that is not the same.

We have cheapened the word “Hero” so much that it means nothing. All who died in the service of this great nation are to be honored, but few are really heroes. Most just wanted to go home in one piece.

It is enough to remember what they gave up, and what we take as our right and privilege when we say we remember you. Sadly, most of us just had a beer and hamburger with not a mention to our children about duty, honor and sacrifice for others.

Dennis Patthoff, Marblehead

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