Stefanie Rupsic discovers art while bedridden with illness

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Stephanie Rupsic stands with her digital rendition of the Great Lakes at the Shipwrecked Flea Market on June 15. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

When a severe reaction to medication for rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia made Stefanie Rupsic of Bay View temporarily bedridden, she discovered a talent she didn’t know she had. She woke up one morning with a strong urge to draw.

“I woke up and had been drawing in my head. Drawing never even crossed my mind before,” she said. “All I had were my children’s crayons, so I drew with those. The first thing I drew was a tiger.”

The next morning, she awoke with the same desire to create, so she grabbed some crayons and drew an otter.

When her drive to create didn’t leave, she made her first trip ever to an art store for advice and walked out with colored pencils and acrylic paint. She kept creating and sold her first piece, a painting of a tulip field, for $25.

“I discovered Toledo Artists United on Facebook, and they helped me get started,” Stefanie said.

Then a Christmas gift from her husband, Michael Rupsic, changed everything. He bought her an iPad, and the world of digital art opened up to her.

“I just thought that, since she’s an artist, it might be a useful tool for her,” Michael said.

Now, Stephanie has built her business, Stefanie Rupsic Artworks, around digital art. It has become a customer favorite.

“People want this,” she said. “They say the colors are so vibrant.”

Stefanie sells her work online at, and on June 15, she sold it at the Shipwrecked Flea Market in Port Clinton. Among her work was a digital rendition of the Great Lakes.

“I had done the Marblehead Lighthouse and then got the idea to do the Great Lakes,” she said. “I thought it would be cool to do a map, so I started sketching.”

Stefanie was once bedridden, and now she is life-living. She is grateful for the transformation.

“God had another plan for me. I didn’t want depression to overcome me,” she said. “I never prayed for anything. I just prayed that God would make me happy. I guess He knew art would make me happy.”

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