Students welcome Environmental Box Exchange at Bataan Intermediate

Mar 30, 2022 | Schools | 0 comments

Melissa Frisch and her 4th Grade class are eager to open the contents of an Environmental Box sent to them from a school in Corsicana, Tex.

Melissa Frisch’s 4th Grade students at Bataan Memorial Intermediate recently received a special package Mildred Independent School District in Corsicana, Tex.

The Bataan students are participating in the Environment Box Exchange where a teacher in another part of the United States who works with students to collect samples of nature that are reflective of their area. Students prepare reports, create artwork, write poetry and prepare nature samples in a format to be shared.

Frisch’s classroom enjoyed opening the environmental box with various leaves, flowers and especially some huge pine cones. They compared each school’s climate and made a list of items unique to Ohio they can collect and send to Texas as the weather changes.

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