Sue Cherry opens the door to homeownership

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Mortgage Loan Officer, Sue Cherry, works hard to help clients reach their dreams of homeownership, whether they qualify immediately for a loan or have to work toward that goal. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Croghan Colonial Bank Mortgage Loan Officer, Sue Cherry, began working in the banking industry the moment she graduated high school, and she never looked back. It was a natural choice that her first job was at a financial institution. Both her mother and her sister worked at Croghan Colonial Bank.

“I kind of knew I’d be in some type of business. I had a feeling I would work in a bank because my mom did,” Cherry said.

When she graduated high school, Cherry hoped to join her family at Croghan, but the bank didn’t have job openings. Instead, she became a teller at Fremont Savings Bank. In the proceeding years, she worked at several local banks, including Bank One, First National Bank, GMAC Mortgage, Old Fort Bank and National Bank of Ohio, which was purchased by Croghan in 2013. The bank she wanted to work at as a fresh graduate now welcomed her with open arms. Her career had come full circle.

The most rewarding part of Sue Cherry’s job is helping people obtain the loan they need to purchase a home. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

Between her first teller job and her current career as a mortgage loan officer, Cherry worked her way up the banking ladder by learning the job step by step. Her career encompassed positions in finance, new accounts and installment lending. She became a home equity originator, a branch manager, a district manager and a mortgage loan officer, a position that fully embraces her desire to serve her clients.

Croghan Colonial Bank Mortgage Loan Officer, Sue Cherry, spent her entire adult life working in the banking business. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“It’s very rewarding, especially when I’m working with new homeowners. Sometimes they’re terrified, and I try to keep them calm,” Cherry said. “I explain the whole process, and when I get them from the start to the finish line, it’s so rewarding.”

Cherry said a big part of her job is counseling her clients to ensure they are ready for the responsibility of a mortgage.

“I treat them like family,” she said. “I never want to have them take on a mortgage that is too much for their budget.”

Even the people who don’t qualify for a loan are impacted by their connection to Cherry.

“When they don’t qualify, I help them and guide them. There are steps they have to take to qualify, and sometimes they come back in six months or two years. When they follow the plan and can buy a house, it’s so rewarding,” Cherry said.

Cherry has advice for young adults hoping to one day buy a house. Her first suggestion is to save money.

“If you’re living at home, and your (future) mortgage will be $1,000, then put $1,000 in the bank each month, plus what it would cost for utilities. If you can’t do that, then you’re not ready to buy a house,” she said.

Cherry’s second piece of advice is to find stable employment, and thirdly, she says to build credit.

“The minute you turn 18 years old, get a credit card. The first chance you have to get credit, get it,” she said.

Cherry enjoys working in a local community bank that gives her the opportunity to connect personally with her clients inside and outside the bank’s walls.

“One of the things that added to my success is,

I answer my phone. Customer service is very important,” she said. “Here at Croghan, we offer local service and local underwriting. We know our clients.”

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