Sunflowers sparkling in Genoa fields

Sep 23, 2020 | Entertainment | 0 comments

Many folks around Ottawa County are anxious to find new things to do during COVID-19 pandemic as they follow the rules of wearing masks, social distancing and avoid crowds. A very cheerful idea that has been entertaining people out for a drive around the countryside has been a visit to farm fields adjacent to the Genoa Senior Living Center on State Route 163.

Early evening is one of the best times to slow down and enjoy the hundreds and hundreds of awesome colorful sunflowers facing the sky. Drive into the field, get out of your vehicle and start walking or running through the huge sunflower fields and taking photographs of your kids, family and friends.

It’s a beautiful adventure, and it’s free. But hurry. The flowers will not be standing tall much longer. (Photo by Kathy Jo Schweitzer)

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