Take a Load Off laundry service takes the pressure off mom of differently abled son

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Katelyn McRitchie founded Take a Load Off laundry service so she could focus on caring for her son, Eliott. (Submitted photo)



Eliott McRitchie, who is differently abled, is full of life and love. (Submitted photo)

Some women choose a career path because they are following in their parents’ footsteps. Others are following their dreams. Once in a while, a woman, like Katelyn McRitchie, makes her choice because life has hit her child hard, and she wants a career that allows her to focus on her vulnerable child who needs her.

When Katelyn’s son, Eliott McRitchie, came into the world 12 years ago, a difficult birth compromised his health. The damage his body suffered manifested shortly before his first birthday, when he began having seizures and lost his ability to speak. Today, his seizures arrive every seven to ten days, each one a potential threat to his life.

“Eliott is differently abled and requires a grueling amount of care,” Katelyn said. “It’s been a roller coaster ride living from one emergency to the next.”

Eliott has a seizure disorder and was diagnosed with autism at age three. He’s endured surgeries, medication changes, procedures and anything else his medical team could try to improve his quality of life. He requires 24-hour care, making it necessary for Katelyn to find a way to work from home.

“He’s nonverbal, and he doesn’t understand danger. I’m a single mom with a child who is differently abled. I learned the hard way all that is involved in caring for a child with this level of dependence,” she said. “He’s not self-aware. You can’t watch Eliott part of the time. All of that came into play when I decided to stay home.”

Although Katelyn is a single mom, she isn’t without help. Her older son, Elijah, has been a constant help to her and a companion to Eliott.

“He has been caring for Eliott alongside of me for ten years,” Katelyn said. “He’s the best brother and makes selfless decisions to continue to support his mama and brother.”

Still, Katelyn had to leave her accounting job and face the question of how to provide for her family.

Katelyn McRitchie picked up these loads of laundry from a customer. They were cleaned, folded, and returned back to the client’s home. (Submitted photo)

“I sat down and brainstormed one day,” she said. “What do you do in a situation like this?”

To allow her to stay home with Eliott, Katelyn started “Take a Load Off,” a pickup and delivery laundry service. Katelyn will pick up laundry at a client’s home, wash and fold it, and deliver it back to the client. The service is great for busy professionals, college students, overwhelmed moms, seniors who have trouble handling the task, or just anyone who wants to take one more job off their to-do list.

“Take a Load Off” offers personalized wash and fold laundry service.

“I have an old-school approach to everything. I feel like I’m an old soul,” she said. “There’s a personal connection with my business.”

Eliott attends R.C. Waters a couple hours each school day, but the rest of the time, he is cared for at home. With her new business, Katelyn can give him the best care possible.

“Eliott is the sweetest thing. Everyone loves him,” she said. “Everyone says they learn more from him than they teach him.”

For information on Take a Load Off, call 419-607-7883.

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