The Riddle Sisters hand out menus and smiles at Bistro 163

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Jessicka Riddle, left in front, and her sister, Tatumn Riddle, right in front, hand out menus to customers at Bistro 163 every Tuesday. With them are, left in back, Krista Culbertson, and Tammy Flores. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Bistro 163 is a local favorite restaurant that offers great food and a benevolent, pay-it-forward philosophy, but customers who visit on Tuesdays get something extra special: a personal greeting by two of Ottawa County’s sweetest residents, 23-year-old twin sisters, Jessicka and Tatumn Riddle. Jessicka and Tatumn pass out menus and hellos at the Bistro door.

“I like handing out the menus. It’s fun,” Jessicka said.

While the customers receive an extra bit of friendliness with their meals, Jessicka and Tatumn have the opportunity to socialize.

“It gets them out in the community,” said healthcare provider, Krista Culbertson. “They’re no longer in high school, so this is something that’s very good for them.”

Culbertson and the girls’ nurse, Tammy Flores, take the Riddle sisters out often.

Tatumn Riddle, left, hand a menu to her guardian, Connie Roe. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“We brought Krista on about three years ago so we can get them to activities they like to do,” Flores said. “We just got Cedar Point passes, and Tim and Kim Ellenberger offered us the use of their lake house. Kim gave us the code and said, ‘Make yourself at home.’ The girls love to sit outside by the lake, and we love to steal Tim’s snacks. He doesn’t know we do that.”

Jessicka, who rarely stops smiling, laughed at the thought of stealing snacks. Her favorite place to go is restaurants. She likes Golden Corral, Chick-fil-A and Cracker Barrel, and one of her favorite perks at Bistro 163 is the food.

“She loves the food,” Culbertson said. “The pizza is her favorite, but she also loves the tomato bisque, the cookies and the bread pudding.”

Jessicka Riddle, left, laughs with her guardian, Connie Roe. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

When Tatumn, a girly girl, gets to choose the outing, the group goes shopping. What are her favorite things to buy?

“Purses and pretty dresses,” she said.

Bistro 163 General Manager Babs Klacik enjoys having the Riddle sisters at the diner.

“Our customers love it. They like seeing them because they’re always smiling. This has worked out well. They rarely miss,” Klacik said. “All of our Tuesday regulars know to take a menu from the girls.”

Tatumn Riddle loves to shop for pretty dresses, like the one she is wearing here at Bistro 163. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

The Riddles’ guardian, Connie Roe, is grateful Klacik agreed to let the girls work at the Bistro.

“Babs was wide open to it right away. I know the people here, and they have such a great group of volunteers,” Roe said. “I knew Jes and Tatumn would be a great fit here.”

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