TRIPS Fremont Shuttle will expand service area

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Starting this week, the TRIPS Fremont Shuttle will offer two shuttle routes—one serving the west side and one serving the east side of Fremont. The service will be offered 8 a.m.-6 p.m. weekdays.

Each route travels in a one-hour loop that stops at multiple locations throughout Fremont. The routes will intersect at Wal-Mart once per hour so that passengers may transfer from one route to another. The location and minute of each stop are indicated as follows:

West Side Fremont Shuttle (Green Line)

  • (:00) Fort Stephenson
  • (:10) Wal-Mart (transfer point)
  • (:18) Ross Apartments
  • (:22, :24) Casa Nueva (two stops)
  • (:25) Kroger
  • (:36) Terra State Community College
  • (:43) Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services
  • (:48) Community Health
  • (:51) ProMedica Memorial Hospital

East Side Fremont Shuttle (Orange Line)

  • (:00) Sandusky County Senior Center/Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • (:02) Department of Job and Family Services
  • (:10) Wal-Mart (transfer point)
  • (:20) Fort Stephenson
  • (:22) Janel Terrace
  • (:25) GLCAP
  • (:32) Commons at Little Bark Creek
  • (:35) Delaware Acres
  • (:40) Liberty Center
  • (:43) Big Lots

To ride the shuttle, passengers should be at the stop at least five minutes prior to the scheduled time of arrival. Signs will be posted at each location to indicate the pick-up and drop-off points. The cost to ride is $1 per one-way ride on the loop; there will be no additional charge for those transferring from one route to another during their trip.

Expanding the shuttle service to include an east-side and west-side route will improve access to transportation throughout the City of Fremont, GLCAP Rural Transit Director Jacquie Wells said.

“Adding a second route allows us to offer more stops and a greater area of travel for our riders,” Wells said.

TRIPS Fremont Shuttle is defined as a “deviated-fixed route” service. This means that while the shuttle follows the route and makes all stops as scheduled, the shuttle is permitted to deviate from the route, but no more than ¼-mile to pick up or drop off passengers as time allows. These rides must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance by calling TRIPS at 419-332-8091.

For more information, visit or call TRIPS at 419-332-8091.

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