Village Lights inspires holiday shopping in Marblehead

Dec 12, 2023 | Business | 0 comments

Sue Laposky, left, and her daughter Jill Laposky admire the vintage Christmas ornaments at Marblehead Mercantile. Sue said many things in the shop reminded her of her grandmother’s home. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)


Sue Laposky and her daughter, Jill Laposky, drove to Marblehead from their home in Wellington last Saturday, Dec. 9 to enjoy Village Lights, a day of small town shopping hosted by the Marblehead Merchants Group.

“We plan to go to Rocky Point Winery, and we’ve just been walking up and down the road visiting the shops,” Sue said as she scanned vintage Christmas décor in Marblehead Mercantile. “We just found Just for Ewe. That’s a new one for us.”

Rose Haninger, owner of Madame Rosie’s Boutique and Painted Rose Gallery, said the unseasonably warm weather drew big crowds, but customers show up to the annual event despite the weather.

Rose Haninger stands outside Madame Rosie’s Boutique and The Painted Rose Gallery during Marblehead’s Village Lights event. Haninger said customers were thankful the event gave them the opportunity to shop local. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“Even when the weather is rough, people will come,” she said. “They like to support small businesses. People thank me for making it possible to shop local.”

Haninger said Village Lights helps inspire the spirit of holiday shopping.

“I think it works, because it’s been a really busy day. I’ve had lots of sales, and most of it has been Christmas shopping,” she said.

A few customers stopped in looking for help finding an item their wife or mother mentioned seeing during a summer visit. Sometimes, the item is still available, and Rose will gift wrap it, so it’s ready to be tucked under the tree. Christmas is especially fun when a brief comment turns into a holiday surprise.

Randy Kennard and Valerie Riley of Shelby shop at Marblehead Mercantile last Saturday. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

“I feel like I’m part of their Christmas experience because I got to help them find the gift,” Haninger said.

That kind of personal connection can only be found in a small business.

“The difference is, if you buy something here, I get excited,” she said. “If you buy something at Walmart, who’s going to get excited?”

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