‘Vintage Military Rifle’ by famed Olympian Gary Anderson rated a classic

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Vintage military rifle competitors and collectors alike will be excited learn the Civilian Marksmanship Program has released a new book, “Target Shooting With Vintage Military Rifles,” authored by Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship Emeritus and two-time highpower rifle Olympic gold medalist.

The 284-page, soft-bound, fully-illustrated first edition is likely the most comprehensive manuscript ever written about the methods of training and competing with popular American and foreign vintage military rifles.

“Anyone who knows Gary, and is a fan of vintage military rifle shooting, will find this book to be the most complete coverage of the topic, from a competitor’s and historian’s point of view,” said Christie Sewell, CMP Programs Chief.

Anderson, who stunned his Olympic rivals in Tokyo and Mexico City in the 1960s, is also a multiple U.S. and international record holder. He has poured countless hours into “Target Shooting With Vintage Military Rifles” for the benefit of both the serious and recreational competitor.

As the originator of the CMP’s wildly-popular competitive vintage rifle program, he set out to present a detailed manual covering all aspects of safely shooting rifles such as the 1903 Springfield, U.S. Krag, 1917 U.S. Enfield, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine and many more, including rifles from “across the pond.”

Target Shooting With Vintage Military Rifles is comprised of 18 chapters covering: Origins & Fundamental of Marksmanship; Firing Rifles in Competition; Operation, Cleaning, Loading & Unloading; Rifle and Range Safety; Sight Adjustment, Zeroing & Fine Tuning; Critical Value of the Sling; Prone, Sitting and Standing Position Building; Highpower Rifle Match Procedures; Using a Scorebook/Databook; Strategies for Improvement.

This new CMP best seller is available for sale on the CMP E-store, https://estore.thecmp.org/Catalog/Item/792, and may be ordered using the CMP Publications order form at https://thecmp.org/wp-content/uploads/publications.pdf (order NLU # 792, $29.95). The CMP stores at Camp Perry, Ohio; Anniston, Alabama; and the CMP Talladega Marksmanship Park will also have a supply of books for purchase.

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