Walleye catches good; smallmouth bass are biting

Jul 13, 2022 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments


Walleye tournament pro Ted Takasaki shows off a trophy Lake Erie walleye.

The weekend brought some big wins for Lake Erie walleye fishing. We have been traveling way east from the Port Clinton and Lake Erie Islands waters as of late to try to catch limits. With the winds being strong out of the Northeast, we have been fishing East of the islands.

Trollers have had their best luck at Rattlesnake Island and Middle Bass Island a couple of miles out. Tru-Trip Diving Planers with spoons set 50 to 75 feet back have been the best way to go.

Casters have been going West of Green Island along a line to Canada. They have been using 1-ounce to 1½-ounce weights and retrieving the small Weapon spinner rigs and nightcrawlers nice and slow.

Bass fishing has begun to take off, especially along the rocky flats around the Lake Erie Islands and on the Canadian side of the Lake Erie in 14-17 feet of water. Bass anglers are casting crankbaits, or diving plugs, and either tube jigs or drop shot rigs worked along the rocky lake bottom to catch some nice bass.

Some big boxes of catfish have been coming into the fish shop. Worms are now starting to work as well as the fresh shrimp. The shoreline waters around the Edison Bridge in the Sandusky Bay area has still been the prime spot for catfish.

I wanted to make this weeks report short and sweet and to the point. We here at Bay’s Edge all hope you all have a great week of fishing. So until next week, keep a tight line!

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