Walleye friendly for both trollers, casters

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The Lake Erie walleye continue to bite and it doesn’t matter if the weather is windy, hot or humid. The only thing that has changed has been the location.

On windy days, the best place to fish is west of Gull Reef, between Kelleys and Middle islands. This area has been producing excellent catches for both casters and trollers. As the weather was more favorable Thursday through Sunday, east of Kelleys Island was a good area. Fishermen were scattered from about five miles east of Kelleys Island all the way to the weather buoy on the Canadian border, north of Vermilion.

Casters have been using the 20-count method while chunking and winding with Weapon small spinner rigs. A slow and steady retrieve has been best. Trollers have continued using Tru-Trip diving planers with spoons. One secret this week was to tip everything with nightcrawlers.

If you use the larger YUK spoons, then you are going to want to use a whole nightcrawler. If you are trolling smaller Stinger spoons, then you will only need half of a nightcrawler.

Those trolling have also been using “worm burners,” which are just Stinger type spoons with worm harnesses on the back of them. The “meat” seemed to make all the difference this week. Also your speeds are going to be a little faster than normal when using the worm burners, with 2.2 to 2.5 miles per hour is best.

As usual, catfishing has remained strong in Sandusky Bay. Excellent catches have been being reported. Also, we have had a lot of people coming into the store talking about fishing for largemouth bass and having huge success. You will want to fish for largermouth bass in either West Harbor or the Sandusky Bay using Ned rigs.

Until next time, everyone stay safe, stay cool and always keep a tight line.

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