Walleye weather finally arriving around the Lake Erie Islands

May 18, 2022 | Ottawa Outdoors | 0 comments


The Lake Erie fishing report remained the same for the first six days of fishing this week. The Northeast winds made for some tough fishing conditions for most of us as we waited for calmer, more comfortable waters to chase walleye and smallmouth bass.

The drift-and-cast fishing was fair to good along the shorelines with jigs and harnesses in 15 to 17 feet of water. Those trolling fished along the can lines of the Lake Erie Firing zone in 23 to 25 feet of water. The best fishing arrived on Sunday, with anglers scoring west of Green Island and west of Rattlesnake Island.

Casters went old style and cast their lines out for a 20 to 25 count before bringing their lines back in. Trollers had luck fishing with Bandits set 60 to 70 feet back. Tru-trip diving planers and spoons are starting to work as well as the minnow-style diving plugs. The lures are being set back at 35 to 40 feet.

As we write this report quite early on Monday morning, the waves are very manageable, a bonus for us since we’re out fishing with a film crew from In-Fisherman magazine. After just five minutes of trolling, we already have three very nice walleye in the cooler. Next week’s report will be more lengthy, with solid walleye catching information for you all. So until then, as always, get out there and fish, be safe, be courteous of other anglers and have some fun!

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