Leadership Ottawa County class examines history of Ottawa County, United Way

Dec 27, 2018 | Around Ottawa County | 0 comments

The 2018-2019 Class of Leadership Ottawa County recently visited the Ottawa County Museum. Curator Peggy Didion spoke of the inception of the museum, which had been located in the basement of the former Port Clinton City Hall in 1932 before moving to the present location at 126 W. Third Street, Port Clinton.

Most of the artifacts that are displayed or stored at the museum have been donated, while some of the historical items are on loan from private owners. The museum is funded by memberships ($20), donations and grants. The goal of the museum is to preserve Ottawa County’s past for future generations. More information on Ottawa County Museum can be found at ottawacountymuseum.org

At the end of our session, Chris Galvin of United Way provided us a detailed overview of what United Way does for Ottawa County. She explained the start of “First Call to Help,” a telephone number that has now been modified to a more efficient “211.” This allows people to call in need of a crisis, no matter how large or small.

The staff answering the “211” call guides people to resources that can help  them obtain food, assistance with utility bills, short term housing and other much-needed services. United Way partners with other various groups to stay aware of the needs in the county and to help fill gaps where needed.   For more information on what United Way has to offer, visit them at the Sutton Center, 1854 E. Perry, Suite #300, Port Clinton.

Leadership Ottawa County is a nine-month leadership development program that brings professionals together who live or work in Ottawa County to learn about and explore the diversity of Ottawa County.  For more information, visit our website: leadershipottawacounty.com

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