Port Clinton High presents year-end awards at Honor Society assembly

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National Honor Society advisor Kathy Miller presents Mark Phillips with his National Honor Society lamp and honor cord during the Port Clinton High School Honors Assembly, with help from Guidance Counselor Heidi Steyer.

Port Clinton High School recently held its annual Honors Assembly. The following awards were presented for the 2020-21 school year.

President’s Award for Academic Achievement: Garrett Arnold, Austin Lindemann, Tristan Boling, Kieran Mackey, Megan Bolyard, Grant Miller, Austin Bradshaw, Alexis Minney, Thomas Brooks, Kaylee Newton, Aidan Carpenter, Jade Nickel, Rebekah Clark, Samantha Nickloy, Mitchell Coon, Christian Owen, Isabellah Craig, Mark Phillips, Alaina Dackermann, Dillon Ringeisen, Julia Davis, Alex Rumbarger, Logan Floro, Thomas Sees, Jr., Abigail Foote, Haylie Sewell, Austin Gonzalez, Claire Snyder, Emma Gottron, Jasmine Stockmaster, Austin Helton, Logan Stork, Garrett Hirt, Caleigh Sullivan, Darik Hoyt, Caitlyn Wamsley, Adrianna Hummel, Averie Webb, Olivia Jackson, Sarah Webb, Jayce Kennedy, Aaron Winterich, Brandon King, Aubrianna Wylie.

President’s Award for Academic Excellence: Elliot Auxter, Benjamin Lucas, Connor Bechtel, Sydney Moore, McKenna Boling, Jameson Mullens, Ethan Carpenter, Michael Recker, Hannah Cross, Noah Shaw, Steven Holly, Kierstin Sherer, Karah King, Spencer Spieldenner, Rebekah Koehl.

American Legion Americanism Test Award Winners: Paige Cuevas, Ashton Fisher, Ethan Carpenter, Hannah Cross.

Leadership Council Officers: President – Hannah Cross; Vice President – Lilly Howell; Treasurer – Ethan Carpenter; Secretary – Averie Webb; Historian – Olivia Eickert. All-Ohio Honors for OASL – Hannah Cross.

Leadership Council Scholarship Winners: Ethan Carpenter, Hannah Cross, Kierstin Sherer, and Averie Webb.

DECA Mike Vollmer Marketing Award: Aubrianna Wylie, Steven Holly, Tristan Boling;

Academic Letters First year letters: Rebekah Clark, Mitchell Coon, Sydney Moore, Aubrianna WylieKennedy Adkins, Rebecca Auerbach, Anthony Auckerman, Davie Avis, Hunter Bechtel, Jasmine Biers, Carter Blaesing, Marcella Brenner, Diego Buhay, Faith Chapman, Paige Cuevas, Olivia Eickert, Katerina Fillmore, Ashton Fisher, Alexia Harnad, Connor Helle, Leyna Jackson, Teagan Kelley, Paeja Leow, Nathen Lukac, Zavier Manning, Alyssa Mares, Brooke Martinez, Isaac Miller, Arielle Montowski, Rebekah Nehls, Alyssa Recker, Paige Reineck, Ella Roberts, Alexis Spears, Paige Zibert. Second year Academic Letters – Elliot Auxter, Connor Bechtel, McKenna Boling, Tristan Boling, Megan Bolyard, Austin Bradshaw, Ethan Carpenter, Isabellah Craig, Alaina Dackermann, Abigail Foote, Garrett Hirt, Steven Holly, Darik Hoyt, Adrianna Hummel, Olivia Jackson, Jayce Kennedy, Brandon King, Karah King, Rebekah Koehl, Benjamin Lucas, Kieran Mackey, Jameson Mullens, Samantha Nickloy, Mark Phillips, Michael Recker, Haylie Sewell, Noah Shaw, Spencer Spieldenner, Jasmine Stockmaster, Caleigh Sullivan; NHS Officers: President-Claire Snyder; Vice President – Luke Halsey; Secretary – Averie Webb; Treasurer – Hannah Cross; Publicity – Kierstin Sherer.

Firelands Academic Challenge Team: Tristan Boling, Steven Holly, Emily Holcomb, Ben Lucas, Max Lucas, Aubrianna Wylie. Freshman Class Officers: President Maddie Wiechman, Vice President Kaylie Simpson, Secretary Kamdyn Periat, Treasurer Miranda McDougall; Sophomore Class – President Noah Zimmerman, Vice President Owen Auxter, Treasurer Gavin Maloy; President Danasia Jackson, Vice President Davie Avis, Secretary Alyssa Recker, Treasurer Ethan Luma; Senior Class – President Averie Webb, Vice President Aubrianna Wylie, Secretary Hannah Cross, Treasurer Noah Shaw.

Perfect Attendance: This year awarded to only senior students who have had 4 years of consecutive perfect attendance: Noah Show,Sheridan York, Alaina Dackermann.

Girls Tennis Silver Racquet Award: Olivia Eickert, Arielle Montowski, Paige Reineck, & Alyssa Mares; Boys Tennis Silver Racket: Patrick Huskey, Ashton Fisher; Girl’s Tennis Gold Racquet Award – Hannah Cross, Alaina Dackermann; Boy’s Tennis Golden Racket: Elliot Auxter, Noah Shaw, Claire Snyder, Averie Webb. Scholar Athlete Award: Hannah Cross and Noah Shaw; Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award – Alaina Dackermann, Eilliot Auxter; OHSAA Courageous Student Award – Averie Webb; National Federation of High School Athletic Association Claire Snyder and Jameson Mullens; OHSAA Adult School Community Award – Angela Reineck; Golf Academic All Ohio: Noah Shaw, Garrett Arnold, Braeden George, Connor Bechtel, Jayce Kennedy, Ethan Carpenter, Thomas Sees; Pride of PC Award for seniors that have represented PCHS athletics all four years in every sport season, Fall Winter and Spring presented to Garrett Arnold, Elliot Auxter, Talia Bowens, Brandon King, Brianna Rose, Noah Shaw, Claire Snyder; Most Outstanding Athletes – Alaina Dackermann, Noah Shaw.

Thespian of the Year Award: Mark Phillips; Hugh O’Brien HOBY Award Mia Sanchez; Senior Spotlights: Hannah Cross, Noah Shaw, Averie Webb, Elliot Auxter, Alyssa Diaz, Steven Holly, Alaina Dackermann.

Department Awards: Art: Hannah Cross; Beacon: Sierra Holbrook; Business and Technology: Mark Phillips; Career Development: Sara Kramer; English: Sydney Moore; Mathematics: Connor Bechtel and Steven Holly; Music: Braeden George; Physical Education: Elliot Auxter; Science: Rebekah Koehl and Averie Webb; Social Studies: Ethan Carpenter; Technology and Engineering: Thomas Brooks and William Brooks; Marketing Education: Aubrianna Wylie; World Language: Thomas Sees, Jr.

Military Commitments: Westtin Laird and Jayce Kennedy, Navy; Gabe Cook Army National Guard; and Logan Stork, Marines.

Diploma with Honors: Elliot Auxter, Connor Bechtel, McKenna Boling, Megan Bolyard, Austin Bradshaw, Aiden Carpenter, Ethan Carpenter, Isabellah Craig, Hannah Cross, Alaina Dackermann, Logan Floro, Emma Gottron, Garrett Hirt, Steven Holly, Keegan Horn, Darik Hoyt, Olivia Jackson, Karah King, Rebekah Koehl, Kieran Mackey, Grant Miller, Sydney Moore, Jameson Mullens, Samantha Nickloy, Christian Owen, Mark Phillips, Michael Recker, Alex Rumbarger, Haylie Sewell, Noah Shaw, Kierstin Sherer, Claire Snyder, Spencer Spieldenner, Averie Webb, Aubianna Wylie.

Top Ten: Elliot Auxter, Connor Bechtel, Hannah Cross, Steven Holly, Rebekah Koehl, Michael Recker, Noah Shaw, Kierstin Sherer, Claire Snyder, Averie Webb.

Laude Recognition: Summa Cum Laude: Elliot Auxter, Connor Bechtel, McKenna Boling, Ethan Carpenter, Isabellah Craig, Hannah Cross, Alaina Dackermann, Steven Holly, Olivia Jackson, Karah King, Rebekah Koehl, Jameson Mullens, Michael Recker, Noah Shaw, Kierstin Sherer, Claire Snyder, Spencer Spieldenner, Averie Webb.

Magna Cum Laude: Rebekah Clark, Emma Gottron, Garrett Hirt, Kieran Mackey, Sydney Moore, Christian Owen, Mark Phillips, Aaron Winterich, Aubrianna Wylie.

Cum Laude: Tristan Boling, Megan Bolyard, Austin Bradshaw, Mitchell Coon, Abigail Foote, Darik Hoyt, Adrianna Hummel, Jayce Kennedy, Brandon King, Benjamin Lucas, Alexis Minney, Kaylee Newton, Jade Nickel, Samantha Nickloy, Haylie Sewell, Jasmine Stockmaster, Logan Stork, Caleigh Sullivan, Caitlyn Wamsley, Sarah Webb.

The Principal’s Award of Distinction is presented to a senior who has shown the following qualities as a student at Port Clinton High School: Academic success with a 2.8 minimum Grade Point Average; Participation in a variety of school activities; Respect of the community, faculty, and student body. Mr. Gary Steyer, PCHS Principal stated, “The entire high school faculty was asked to vote in the process of selection. The staff was given a list of all the students who qualified with the minimum GPA. This year there were several students who met the GPA requirement. To help the staff decide, they were also asked to consider the type of individual they wished other students would emulate and the type of student they would be proud to claim as their own son or daughter.” The 2021 Principal’s Award of Distinction was presented to Hannah Cross.

See the complete photo album on the Port Clinton City School District website www.pccsd.net.

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